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Uncomplicated commercial lending is what we do. But in the last 30 years we’ve learned that impact extends far beyond the balance sheet. Customers, partners and business of all kinds coming together to do a little better. Improve the lives of employees. And help a few more people. Now that’s what we call community. 

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SLS has been a multi-time nominee for the Kansas City Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year. Ask us about our other awards and recognitions.

With our main offices centrally located in Kansas City and Sioux Falls we are poised to serve the nation with our highly experienced personnel around the country.  Below are a few of our professionals (like all of our team) who represent our tagline — uncomplicated commercial lending.  Simplicity, it is believed, may only be achieved when paring attitude, work ethic, and a high level of experience. We don’t like to boast … but we’ve got it!

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Pictured: Doug Fuller, Rick Lincoln, Brian Kirlin, Joe Flannery, Holly Kelton, Jeff Basler, Lisa Buol, Kennedy Gilbertson, Corey Stansbury, Andy Morris, Jay Ruehter, Kathy Conlee, Nicole Hall, and George Vandel

Not Pictured: Angie Mies, Terry Rozzini, Brett Hawton, Stephanie Ruehter, Katee Hinkle, Brock Kimball, and Brian Soetaert.

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