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Email continues to be a huge driver for businesses in almost every industry, and it’s getting easier and easier to access every year. In the last five years, email opens on mobile devices have grown over 30%. While there are many positive aspects to this newfound access, like the ability to reach a customer any time, any place, this can pose a problem too. How often have you checked your phone after a buzz in your pocket only to find a generic email, leading you to put your phone back in your pocket as the email drops lower and lower in your inbox never to be opened? If this hasn’t happened to you, it has probably happened to someone you know. How can this be fixed?


Never use working capital loans for long term funding / lending needs ~ Here’s why.

There are some really innovative small business working capital providers breaking through in the market today.  However Caution must be used when considering these, despite the fact that they apparently fill a void where banks are no longer meeting the need.

In light of these solutions, we also are hearing that they are, somehow, viable alternatives to more traditional equipment lending & other business loans and especially in “credit challenged” circumstances.  Not so fast!


Growing sales with the more challenging credits.

When equipment dealers get a tougher deal done for a customer it’s a pretty great thing. You’ve helped a customer in a challenging circumstance get the equipment they needed and built the road for a long-term relationship. But far too often, dealers pass on tougher deals because it’s too much work and they don’t have a consistent business lender that can deliver the goods.


Moving from negativity and uncertainty to possibility and prosperity in your business.

In an environment where the airwaves are poisoned with toxic reasons why you can’t grow your business, it makes us wonder: Is business growth consistently attainable in this climate? If it is…what tools can help you get there?

The long term failure of “more with less”

Eight years ago things were a mess. The great recession was hard on most. The negativity of that environment left companies feeling forced into doing more with less, “rightsizing”, and generally searching for an equilibrium point near the lowest common dominator of making just enough and making it at all. Today we move from omnibus negativity to patent uncertainty with the election, the noise about the candidates, the regulatory environment, taxes and global macroeconomic questions as the sound bites bombarding your business decision making. But there will always be noise. There will always be a reason or twelve to pull you back from bidding on that larger deal or expanding with the new product or service. Somehow the “more with less” efficiency models of our new normal have been rationalized to equate to responsible business operation. One problem, no great business story ever told aligns with the “more with less” strategy.


Increasing sales with payments…without knowing anything about finance

It’s just hard to be an expert at everything. And we find many manufacturers, dealers and vendors of commercial equipment are frustrated with the complexity of offering finance programs to their customers. Lots of paperwork, bait and switch lenders, customers turned down and it can take a really long time to get paid. But the advantage of offering payments to customers is an unavoidable benefit that is a key ingredient to success. If you feel this frustration, you’re doing it wrong.


Do equipment sales team behaviors and the definition of insanity share the same neighborhood?

The colloquial definition of insanity:

Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Yeah, but what do they know about commercial equipment sales? Well, nothing. But considering the author of the quote was Albert Einstein and he basically was the smartest dude ever—I wouldn’t count him out when applying this to the behavior of commercial equipment sales teams. Here’s what we mean:


Jim says he can get 5% interest rates from his bank. Poor Jim.

As a business owner of an equipment intensive company, Jim is always on the lookout for new equipment. He has relationships with every dealer in the area and when the time comes to purchase, he’s paid for the equipment in several ways. His father, who started the business, only paid cash. While Jim tried to keep that up for several years, it became hard to do as competition increased and prices fell.


There is a “person” in your phone that answers your questions. Amazon seems to read your mind when you land on their website. Some cars even parallel park for you. Often people think of companies like Google and Apple when they think of technology innovation, but in business, technology advances extend far beyond the mobile devices and websites. Commercial equipment in all categories offer gains in efficiencies, lower operating costs and even increased revenues. This has business stakeholders seeking ways to keep up…affordably.


An easy marketing idea for your equipment. And we’ll do it for you!

People get too many emails. Most of your company emails won’t be opened. But if 15% of your audience open your emails regularly and just 5% of them take action…it could lead to 15-20% overall sales growth. That’s big money.

So, to build a simple email campaign that will drive more sales opportunity do the following things:

  1. The Deal of the Month: the piece of equipment that will turn everyone’s head
  2. The Service Offering: whether maintenance, installation, delivery…or whatever these high margin value added services are a longer sales cycle at times. These email communications can help you plant the seed and water it.
  3. The Idea: A quick note that demonstrates your expertise to your audience.

Add a picture or two, ALWAYS market your deal of the month with a payment and voila—more sales. It’s really that easy. And for a limited time:

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