An Alliance to Increase Sales

For years, we’ve demonstrated that equipment financing and leasing (commercial lending) is a preferred way to acquire needed equipment by helping your customers acquire equipment more affordably.

We offer equipment manufacturers and sellers unparalleled support with point-of-purchase financial products addressing the needs of a wide variety of business needs. Competitive rates, flexible payment plans and fast credit decisions are benefits that ensure we’re able to help you satisfy your customers’ unique requirements and expectations.

Just as important, we’ve built a reputation over the years for providing the attentive, personal service that makes working with us a positive as well as profitable experience for equipment sellers. Whether it’s getting a fast payment, a quick response to any question, a credit decision in as little as one business day or assistance in upgrading equipment, we will help to keep your customers on the cutting edge of their specific business. If it helps grow your business, we’ll do our best to assist.

For manufacturers of capital equipment we provide customized formal programs that look and feel like a natural extension of your business. Our extended enterprise concept provides the ability to private label (outsource) your end-user financial services while still enjoying the control and flexibility that allows your business to grow. Our technology (Vision Commerce) allows you to quickly input / access information, receive an online credit decision (sometimes within minutes), generate documents, and provide custom portfolio statistics on your customers – all just a click away!


Our real strength, however, is perhaps our ability to provide options. We carefully listen to your needs and create a program that is tailor-made for your organization … in your industry.

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Benefits of an Alliance with SLS

Increase the Transaction Size

By moving the customer away from the 'cash or bank' mentality, the salesperson gains the opportunity to sell more products or better quality products to the customer. The sale becomes based on what the customer actually needs, not how much cash the customer has available to spend today.

Minimize Cash Outlays

Through SLS, customers faced with limited cash reserves have your product options available by minimizing the advance payment size required to get into a lease. This means your financed customers (even bank financed customers facing large down payments) have more purchasing power with which to work.

100% Financing Solution

Soft costs like freight and installation can be wrapped into a low monthly payment rather than paid as a large outlay of cash. Most bank financing programs won't allow such intangible items as part of the equipment loan, requiring the customer to pay cash for them outside the financing arrangement.

Overcome Budget Constraints

Overcoming budget limitations can be challenging. Our leasing programs provide a fixed monthly payment that allows managers to equipment needs as a monthly operating expense instead of requiring corporate approval for a new capital expenditure. In addition, matching a monthly payment to an expected monthly cost savings (or revenue increase) is easier to analyze than justifying the benefits of a large cash outlay today for an expected benefit received over a long time frame.

Higher Margin Sales

Better quality equipment and additional services usually carry higher margins than standard products that are more price sensitive. Since our programs enable the salesperson to offer these products through a low monthly payment vs. cash or bank financing, distributors gain the benefit of higher margin sales as well as increased transaction size through better equipment and additional services.

Upgrades and Add-ons

SLS Financial can use a master lease that allows new equipment to be added using simple equipment lease schedules. Customers who use leasing can take advantage of upgrading existing leased equipment or adding a single piece of equipment with a payment term that matches the remainder of the original lease term so it expires all at once. Or...another whole system can be added to the existing master lease with a full term of its own to keep the payment lower.

Sell Payment vs. Price

Salespeople leading with a payment have the advantage of associating the equipment purchase with a small monthly lease payment instead of a large single cash outlay. The monthly payment can be broken down into daily or hourly cost to show how small an investment is required to gain the advantages associated with the use of the equipment while it pays for itself.

Better Closing Tools

Financing offers a good method for trial closing the sale by reviewing various options with the customer. With the variety of payment plans available the focus becomes not whether the customer will purchase, but how the purchase will be funded. Ask to take a brief credit application and see what objections surface. This can be a good time to review product and financing benefits that will meet business needs or solve problems.

Extended Enterprise

SLS Financial may make its technology available to Distributors to act as an extended enterprise by handling all customer financing transactions from start to finish. Distributors may also choose to have its SLS deal directly with the customers. This way, price quotes and financing questions can be addressed one-on-one with your SLS Financial Representative. The prospect can then submit an application directly to SLS Financial and have documentation forwarded straight to their place of business for signature. The extended enterprise gives Distributors the choice to utilize our technology or our people to accomplish the smoothest transition to financing at the point-of-purchase.

Flow vs. Transactional Processing

Another benefit a formal program has to offer is addressing common program characteristics (i.e. similar equipment types, unique customer profiles, and special program need factors) or any other unusual issues in advance. This allows SLS Financial to implement a program so that applications flow quickly through the approval process instead of handling each issue on a transaction by transaction basis.

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