Bringing the Heat

Central Trucks Sales has been a premier dealer specializing in quality used trucks of all types – ranging from custom built pump/vac trucks to bucket trucks, etc.  Being family owned and operated by the Escobar family for 40+ years means you’re working with professional and talented truck experts focused on providing a truck that will do exactly what you need it to do, every time you turn the key.  John and his family promise that your experience is second to none while shopping for your truck and ensuring that the truck is delivered ready to work.  Central Truck Sales is able to deliver to any part of the country and abroad, but many chose to pick up their truck in person so they can meet the family and take in everything Southern Florida has to offer.


Client : Central Truck Sales

Location : Miami, FL

For more than 30 years…

Uncomplicated commercial lending is what we do. But in the last 30 years we’ve learned the impact extends far beyond the balance sheet. Customers, partners and business of all kinds coming together to do a little better. Improve the lives of employees. And help a few few more people. Now that’s what we call community. Take a tour of some of those that have made up our community so special for so many years.