• trucks
    Commercial Equipment Loans & Leases
    Competitive fixed rates, flexible payment plans, fast credit decisions and a 'customer first' business philosophy for loan and lease solutions assisting businesses and equipment sales teams.
  • cables
    Technology Equipment Finance
    Equipment leasing and financing are popular ways to acquire needed technology, medical and industrial equipment. We can help.
  • truck
    Commercial Vehicle Financing & Leasing
    Competitive monthly payments and minimal upfront investments, coupled with our deep experience with vehicle finance and long-term relationship philosophy, make choosing SLS a sound decision.
  • ag
    Modern Agribusinesses
    Modern Ag businesses may be able to capitalize on greater yields and increased revenues through the affordable acquisition of equipment. SLS Finance programs can help.
  • gov
    Municipal & Government Leasing
    Our experienced staff provides municipal, nonprofit, governmental and quasi governmental customers with outstanding service garnered through years of providing funding for Municipal Leases.
  • construction
    Construction Equipment Finance
    Flexible payments, minimal upfront costs and a deep knowledge of construction businesses and equipment sales operations make SLS a smart choice.
  • moneypuzz
    Accounts Receivable Factoring
    Factoring through SLS may allow businesses to sell accounts receivable (invoices) to SLS at a discount in exchange for near payment of these funds.
  • abl
    Asset Based Lending
    When business capital requirements extend beyond the boundaries of traditional credit underwriting standards, Asset Based Lending may be a great alternative for those companies.
  • loan docs
    Business Loans & Working Capital
    In additional to our longer term, fixed rate product offerings SLS provides a full spectrum of lending & lines of credit for general business expansion, growth...
  • SLS Financial Real Estate
    Commercial Lending for the Real Estate Professional
    Uncomplicated and competitive commercial financing options for the Real Estate professional & this may mean that other valuable lines of credit remain free for other uses,...
  • Healthcare Equipment Financing
    All Services Commercial Equipment Loans & Leases Commercial Vehicles Business Loans & Working Capital Construction Equipment Healthcare Equipment Financing Agribusinesses Technology Equipment Municipal & Government Commercial Lending for the Real Estate Professional Asset Based Lending Accounts Receivable...