When the need is apparent, but the prospects are slow to respond, and decision-making processes seem to go on forever, it might take some cold hard facts to awaken the sleepy opportunity. In a recent survey of 1767 companies that have recently acquired new commercial equipment, the top reasons decision-making processes lasted longer than 3 months were:

  • A financial issue NOT addressed by dealer sales teams
  • A financial decision maker that has NOT been engaged by the dealer sales team
  • The company cannot justify the capital outlay, the lease v. the purchase, or show a realistic ROI/A model and have NOT been shown the way by dealer sales teams.

Common theme: Talking about money is more than just quoting a lease payment.

To engage a financial expert at SLS to help you wake the sleepy prospect by addressing the financial obstacles that are holding up your opportunities, contact us today.

Brian Soetaert



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