Living a Dream

In 2003 Mary Lies founded MERCATO on the principals of a deep appreciation for craft, a love for the handmade, a curiosity about history and a love of connecting with family and friends. I found these principles embodied in the art, design and culture of Italy.

If you like authenticity, Mercato is the right place. They travel to Italy to hand-select their antiques and work directly with the artists who make their tableware and decorative accessories. The people and families they work with are passionate about what they do and all have fascinating stories. It is impressive how they respect tradition and work to preserve the artisan work of the generations before them.

We hope MERCATO inspires you to create artful environments, connecting the past with the present while you are establishing your own traditions with family and friends. After all, it is this kind of connection that makes life more enjoyable.

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Client : Mercato, Inc.

Location : DeSoto, KS 

Phone Number : 913-583-1511

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For more than 30 years…

Uncomplicated commercial lending is what we do. But in the last 30 years we’ve learned the impact extends far beyond the balance sheet. Customers, partners and business of all kinds coming together to do a little better. Improve the lives of employees. And help a few few more people. Now that’s what we call community. Take a tour of some of those that have made up our community so special for so many years.