Banking on Community

There’s a shift in moving toward banking locally. When mobank receives a deposit, we lend it back to people who live right here, in this community – in home mortgages or small business loans. It’s all part of building a strong community.

mobank is healthy, in large part because we know our customers. When we lend money to people we know, we get paid back. We’re passionate about supporting locally owned businesses, restaurants, nonprofits and artists. And we encourage our customers to do the same. It adds jobs, stability and growth.

Locally owned small businesses are the backbone of our community. If they thrive, we all thrive. When you bank with us, you invest in them.

We all have the power to be the difference in our community.


Client : Missouri Bank

Location : Kansas City, MO

Phone Number : 816.881.8200

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For more than 30 years…

Uncomplicated commercial lending is what we do. But in the last 30 years we’ve learned the impact extends far beyond the balance sheet. Customers, partners and business of all kinds coming together to do a little better. Improve the lives of employees. And help a few few more people. Now that’s what we call community. Take a tour of some of those that have made up our community so special for so many years.