For years, the software business has charged big bucks. As technology continued to speed up, they saw sales drop as other, cheaper solutions were born. Take MS Office. $499 per seat for Office 2010. Sales were…well…not great. But in 2013 they introduce a program where you can pay $8 per month per seat and always have the new version of the software. Sales exploded. What was the new innovation in the technology that fueled the growth? It wasn’t the technology, it was the money.

Affordable monthly payments increase sales.

Cash flow is not a thing for your small businesses, it’s the only thing. Large capital outlays for depreciating assets are simply not in the game plan for most of them. They are thinking monthly payment from the outset of the search for new equipment. But most equipment manufacturers, dealers and distributors make finding a payment for their equipment hard. In fact…

A recent survey of small business owners said they are 3 times more likely to call an equipment source that markets payment up front—regardless of brand. But only 19% of small business owners find payments easy to find in the equipment search.

Lead with payment.

The market is telling you that you’ll pique their interest if you give them an idea of payment. So give it to them. Whether you are listing a specific used asset or offering customized solutions, let them know they can have the asset for as low as $XXXX.XX per month. Most business owners are not finance people and do not automatically understand how affordable your equipment can be. If you take the mystery out of it, we think you’ll see more opportunities to grow sales.

How to do it?

We also realize many equipment sales teams are not finance experts either. Developing a trusted partner that can quickly help you determine the payment for assets you are marketing, but also guide you on how to market the payment is critical to success. A great partner should establish a quick, simple process and help you build the marketing plan for leading with payment successfully.

At SLS, we help manufacturers, dealers and vendors grow sales with competitive finance programs that make things downright uncomplicated. If you need an expert to help you lead with a payment, contact us today.

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