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So, our website probably looks a little different since the last time you visited, huh? We hope you like the updates! Aside from the visual changes, we added some extra services to our arsenal, one of those being our new PreQualification System. We’ve been around a while – we know how the process goes for business owners looking to acquire some new equipment. Sometimes you’re in between a couple units that are all pretty close to what you’re looking for, but you haven’t fully committed yet. You know that you are also wanting to apply for financing, but without having a full commitment on a piece of equipment, you’re worried that the buying process may get extended longer than you were anticipating. With our PreQualification System, we are aiming to eliminate some of the pain points of the buying process for our customers. So, how does it work? Do you have five minutes to spare?

Get Payment and Term Option in Five Minutes

We have our PreQualification Form set-up to gather the information we need to get you accurate quoted payment and term options, without running your credit. We understand that every situation is unique, and we want to make sure we get you a quote that matches your current situation so that you can shop with confidence. Even if you are not completely set on a particular piece of equipment, we can work with a general price and description of what you’re looking for, and make sure that you are PreQualified for whichever piece of equipment you choose to move forward with. Better yet, the form only takes around five minutes to fill out. Once the form is completed, a rep will reach out with some next steps so that you can discuss what your plans are for your purchase.

Freedom to Shop Around

If you like your payment and term options, but aren’t ready to move forward quite yet, we can generate a PreQualification Letter for you to show to dealers that you have already been in talks with a financing provider, and have been vetted as a qualified customer. We’ll keep your PreQualification open for 90 days while you shop, so that you can find exactly what you’re looking for. Once you’re ready to move forward, just reach out to your designated rep, and we can start finalizing everything to move you forward toward funding.

Programs for Everyone

With around 20 programs, we have a solution for everyone. Start-up? No problem. We have three programs for newer business. Challenged credit? We have solutions for challenged credit situations as well. Using data from our experience in funding deals for the last few decades, we have found solutions that work for your situation, no matter what it is.

We hope you enjoy this new tool here at SLS. We’re excited to change the game in the commercial lending space, and continue to find solutions to common problems to keep commercial lending… Uncomplicated!

Get PreQualified Now!

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