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Increasing sales with payments…without knowing anything about finance

It’s just hard to be an expert at everything. And we find many manufacturers, dealers and vendors of commercial equipment are frustrated with the complexity of offering finance programs to their customers. Lots of paperwork, bait and switch lenders, customers turned down and it can take a really long time to get paid. But the advantage of offering payments to customers is an unavoidable benefit that is a key ingredient to success. If you feel this frustration, you’re doing it wrong.

Do what you do. And only what you do.

With more than 90% of all small business equipment being financed, you have to offer financing. But that doesn’t mean you have to be the expert in it. You need to do your taxes, but overwhelmingly most of you have people for that. So, who are your finance people? If your finance sources drag you through the mud, ask you to chase down information and have hard financial conversations with your customer and generally don’t understand your business—fire them. Great finance people simply do it all for you. They handle the application, the financial and credit conversations, the documentation and paperwork, offer fast approvals and fast funding. No exception. They only win when you win, so they are ultimately motivated to make sure you and your customer are happy. So if you don’t have great finance people—go find them.

An idea to make your life easier.

A simple finance web landing page– or similar—that introduces your customers to financing, let’s them calculate payments, learn about financing and its benefits and even begin application or connect with your finance people. You are notified if a prospect fills out a form and your finance partner can keep you updated on the progress of the opportunity. With this simple web presence, you allow prospects to get comfortable with the concept of financing at their own pace—without a hard sell—just information to help them. You benefit because all you have to do is tell them you offer competitive financing with a great partner and if they are not yet ready to talk to the finance rep just yet, simply send them to the web link.

We’re here to help. At SLS, we believe in real partnership and are happy to build a landing page like this for your dealership. No charge! We offer finance programs for dealers that keep things downright uncomplicated. Contact us today to learn more.

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