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Maybe you’re a start-up looking to open up your first office, or an established company opening up a new branch. Maybe you’re just looking to do some office renovations to switch things up? (We feel you on that one. We just finished our own office renovations a short while ago.) Should be easy, right? Just a couple chairs here, a desk over there… Need to get some printers for the corner office over there. Before you know it, these small ticket items have combined to become quite the beast when you got around to adding the cost up. Is this going to affect the operation of your business moving forward? You may be able to pay in cash, but this can put strain on your working capital as your looking to continue growing. Many business owners don’t consider office equipment financing and leasing precisely because, as described above, each item individually feels small compared to some of the bigger, more expensive pieces of equipment you may be operating each day. Rest assured, there are options for you as you plan this next big step in your business.

Will You be Able to Finance and Lease Office Equipment if Each Piece is Coming from a Different Vendor?

We know you might not be able to find each piece of office equipment in one place, especially as online shopping becomes more ubiquitous each and every day. We’re flexible in working out what would be the best option for you. We’d welcome a conversation regarding what you’re looking to purchase and will do our best to find solutions that fit your particular situation.

What Types of Equipment are Eligible for Office Equipment Financing and Leasing?

Desks, chairs, printers, computers, conference tables… you name it! We even offer financing for software. We realize you’re going to need your office ready to go, so we like to keep things uncomplicated, so you can get back to what you do best… running your business!

Should you have any questions on our processes, feel free to email or call me at any time. Or, if you’d like to apply, you can find the link to our secure online application below.

Talk to you soon!

Brian Soetaert


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