One of the unsung heroes of the material handling and warehousing business are Spotting Tractors. A great and worthy addition to the terminal, warehousing, and trucking environment.

Here is a link to one of the ‘Made in America’ manufacturers:

Tico Tractors is part of Great Enterprise & their product innovation is born from their own experience in the terminal environment.


Financing options for Spotters are numerous:

  • Traditional Lending ~ loans of all types.
  • A variety of Lease options
  • TRAC Leasing ~ a very popular option with financial & taxation implications.

Terminal Tractors ~ Great collateral? YES! Spotters are considered ‘solid’ collateral for the specialized lenders that understand & appreciate this niche. Therefore, financing and Leasing of used yard spotting tractors is often easy to accomplish.

There are a few lenders that we know who enjoy this collateral & SLS is one of them.

For more information on SLS’s specialized approach to financing or leasing new or used Yard Spotting / Terminal Tractors call Doug Fuller: (816) 423.8021

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