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You’ve probably seen these bad boys driving cautiously next to you piled up with fragile items and furniture on the inside, and a fact or two on the outside… Seriously, those U-Haul trucks are like a rolling, real-world Wikipedia. You know what facts they won’t tell you? How to get financing or leasing for box trucks for your business. Since you’re here at this very moment, it appears as though those facts would be pretty helpful right about now… Well never fear, we’ll be your Wikipedia (wow, sometimes you just utter phrases that would make no sense 20 years ago). Let’s get started.

What Do I Need to Submit to Get Box Truck Financing or Leasing?

Great question! In many cases, with good credit, we may just need only an application – our ‘A-Rates’ start at around a 700 credit score. If you’re a start-up company, we may need a couple more pieces of information, like your last two-years’ bank statements, or a business plan. Just know, the more information that is provided in any conceivable cases will allow us to create terms and payments that are applicable to your particular situation. Once your documents are submitted, we use the 5 C’s of Credit to assess your application (Check out The Credit Evaluation Process for more information – 2.5 minute podcast). We may need a call to discuss further, but hopefully this helps get your head in the right space.

What If My Credit is Bad? Will I Still Qualify for Box Truck Financing or Leasing?

There are certainly more challenges that come with challenging credit (no kidding, huh?) Never fear, your story doesn’t end here. In fact, we have been instilling the values in our company to keep the person behind the application in mind. Sometimes, it seems like the commercial lending process only happens inside of a particularly defined box (no pun intended)… We know that a lot of great companies have found success by thinking outside the box, and we know you’re no different. We may need a few more pieces of information, like your last 3 months’ bank statements for instance, but in most cases, we would be happy to take a look. We may look into loans with collateral as well. We’re talking about business equipment or real estate, just to name a couple examples. The moral of the story is, let’s talk!

So, What Are My Next Steps?

Assuming your questions have been answered, you can apply using our secure online application (found at the top of the website, or you can find links here or down at the bottom of the post). If you think you will need more specifics on what documents you will need to submit to us, feel free to reach out. We can discuss where you’re at with your business and find out what we will need to see for your particular situation. You can find my contact information is at the bottom of the post for these discussions, or you can chat with me at the bottom right of the screen. For a couple more clarifying posts on our process check out the following:

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