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We live in a digital age. The moving signs that were found in old sci-fi movies are becoming more commonplace every day. I guess sometimes movies can predict the future (check out #11). That being said, isn’t the future a great place to be? The best part is, not only are these signs cool-looking. They’re effective. Check out this article looking at the ROI increase associated with digital signage. Whether we’re talking digital billboards, or signs displaying video right outside your business promoting your products and services, digital signage is here to stay. What better way to get a boost for your business than by procuring your own LED signage? I mean, come on… These things pay for themselves! How you ask?

LED Signage Financing and Leasing – The Efficient Advertising Plan

We’re always fans of a good business plan. If you work it out beforehand, these signs can really get to work for you. These LED signs, coupled with a good advertising strategy, and well-structured payment plan, can make it seems like the you paid practically nothing. Remember that discussion on ROI? Low monthly costs and an increased ROI on your advertising return seems like a win to us. We would be happy to discuss the best path forward should you choose to go digital. Maybe you’re renting out advertising space on your new sign. Same idea. When structured correctly, the monthly fees you’ll be collecting from advertisers will offset the monthly payments you’ll be making on your new favorite money-maker.

How Do I Apply for LED Signage Financing and Leasing?

We offer Application Only and Financial Statement underwriting based on standard industry credit parameters which include the amount of your request… along with other factors. Take a look at this post regarding The Credit Application Process for more information. We can send some materials that will illuminate our typical programs upon request. In good credit standing? You can find our secure online application here.

Who Do I Contact for LED Signage Financing and Leasing?

You can start with me, the author of this article. I can give you a ballpark idea of what documentation we may need in your particular case. Should you have specific inquiries, I can lead you to the right person in our organization in a timely manner. You can find my contact information at the bottom of this article. Don’t hesitate to reach out! Your business will thank you for it.

Brian Soetaert


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