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Crane trucks have many uses, from construction, to electric utility, to tree service, and more. We know that many industries have uses for this valuable asset, because we’ve worked with folks in these various industries! We also know that crane trucks can cost a pretty penny in certain cases. It may not be prudent to purchase a crane truck outright, even though it may be necessary to acquire one due to demand. Sounds like a good sign to us. “So, what are my options?” – you might be asking. Financing and Leasing for Crane Trucks can be great options to get the equipment you need.

Why Should I Get Financing and Leasing for Crane Trucks Through SLS Financial?

As we’ve said, we have experience with this asset class, and we can use that expertise to help you find a financing or leasing plan that works for your business. We know there are a lot of finding sources out there that are offering their services wherever they can. We also know there are a lot of doctors out there, but would you trust a dermatologist to give you advice on heart health? Probably not. We suggest going with the experts 😉

Who Can We Help with Crane Truck Financing and Leasing?

At SLS, we’ve always been proud of our ability to help all types of buyers. Whether you’re a small business, looking to get your first crane truck, or a larger company with a few in the fleet already, we’re prepared to help. We also work across the credit spectrum. We know there is an applicant behind the application, and they have a story. Our credit team makes sure to take a more ‘hands on’ approach to underwriting, because we know some of the greatest success stories have come from ‘outside the box’. We’d welcome a conversation any time if you have questions on our process.

What are the Benefits of Crane Truck Financing and Leasing?

As we said above (and as you probably already know,) crane trucks can be expensive. Even if you have the cash on-hand to make the purchase, this can have a ripple effect on your business if you’re not set-up for this large of an expense (check out our podcast on why you should never use working capital to finance equipment). When you use crane truck financing and leasing the correct way, with the increased profitability you will be seeing with your new truck, the equipment will essentially pay for itself over time. Again, you will be looking for an experienced lender that can work with you to make this process work as intended, but trust us, we’ve got you covered there. There are even some tax benefits you may qualify for if you finance or lease your truck this year (see our Section 179 article here).

Who Do I Contact for Crane Truck Financing and Leasing

You can reach out to me, the author of this article, and I can lead you to the right rep that can assist with your particular industry. You can find my contact information at the bottom of this post. We’re excited that you’re making this next big step with your business, and we look forward to the opportunity of assisting.

Talk to you soon!

Brian Soetaert


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