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Summer is upon us… We know because we start perspiring when we THINK about leaving the house each morning. All the same, the sweltering heat has had me thinking about my old camping days and how summer truly began at scout camp with that opening night campfire at H. Roe Bartle Scout Reservation. I had my fair share of duties over the years, but a time or two, I was a designated Firebuilder. Tinder and kindling were easy enough to find, but after years of trying to get it right, I can appreciate a good log to keep me from having to gather and stack throughout the night.

Though I grew skilled with an ax, I always knew there were easier ways to get it done. My appreciation has moved over to the machines that make the workload easier. (Someone ought to talk to those scouts!) There are plenty of applications for firewood processors this season, and you may be here because you have a need yourself. Over the years, we’ve worked with plenty of business owners to help them acquire their own firewood processors for when demand is high in their industry. Maybe you’re adding another machine to your fleet, or getting your foot in the door for the first time… perhaps a vendor looking to offer financing to your customers? We can help!

Financing and leasing can be great solutions for firewood processor acquisitions. With the increased revenue you’ll be seeing by putting these machines to work, you’ll feel like they’re paying for themselves! It just takes the right planning, and the right commercial lending partner that knows your industry.

Seasonal Payment Plans for Firewood Processor Financing and Leasing

We know that there are slow months. Your revenue from month-to-month may not be the same during certain seasons, so why should your payments stay stagnant? It doesn’t make sense to us either. We know there are businesses behind every application, and we work to find a program that works best for the businesses we serve. We’ll make your payment plan fit your business. We’d welcome a conversation to see how we can meet your needs.

Tax Benefits for Firewood Processor Financing and Leasing

What if we told you that you could have more or better revenue-producing equipment in-service this year for a far lower net investment? We’re not just blowing smoke here. Using the Section 179 Tax Deduction for businesses, this is a real benefit as you consider financing or leasing a firewood processor for your business. We talk Section 179 in more detail here. We aren’t tax experts over here, so always consult your financial advisor before making any decisions, but we’d be happy to highlight a few specific points for you to start those conversations.

How Do I Apply for Firewood Processor Financing and Leasing?

As a baseline, we will be looking for a credit application. You can find a link to our secure online application at the end of this post. We may need more documentation depending on time-in-business, and your overall credit composite. If you would like to know what we would be looking for according to your specific situation, we would welcome a call at any time!

We’re excited for this next step in your business, and hope to talk to you soon.

Brian Soetaert


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