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We’re a little over a month into 2018. The month of resolution making is over. How have you held up? Staying strong so far? Good. Past the point of making goals, you have to take the steps to achieve them. Our goal last year was to create and expand a blog that would help our customers, partners, and businesses achieve success and learn a few things along the way, as well as let our online visitors get to know us a little better.

We laid out the Top Ten Reasons to use Equipment Financing, and how to Understand the Financing Process. We got a chance to share our gratitude toward our community for an award nomination, and show our gratitude toward our team for a job well done in 2017. We Broke Down the Credit Mystery using The 5 C’s of Credit, and shared knowledge from one of our favorite reads on how to be Great by Choice. Finally, we gave some insights on commercial lending for the various industries we serve.

We hope we were able to be of assistance last year, and we’re looking forward to continuing our mission in 2018. Commercial Lenders Help Drive the Economy, and we’re happy to play our part. So whether you are Planning for Rising Interest Rates, or looking to Use Section 179 for More/Better Revenue-Producing Equipment this year, keep checking back here throughout 2018 for more ideas and insights from your partners-in-business, here at SLS Financial Services.

In the meantime, feel free to reach out with any questions you may have today. Talk to you soon!

Brian Soetaert


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